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James 1:27 – “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction”

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Holy Spirit and Paris

What do these two things have to do with each other you might ask?  Here is the answer.  The first has to do with our son's confirmation, and the second is where our dossier is, en route to Eastern Europe!  Go Fed Ex go!

Our son Joshua was confirmed today in a beautiful ceremony.  After studying for several months, and dutifully reading several books on the life of Christ and the early church, he was confirmed today by Cardinal Egan, former Archbishop of New York.

It was a beautiful fall day, and we had a wonderful brunch afterward which you can see if you view the full album.

On another recent beautiful fall day we held a fundraiser at our community day that looked something like this.
From Hardscrabble Fundraiser

It was an enjoyable chance to visit with neighbors and talk about the wonderful work of Reece's Rainbow, but we barely covered the cost of our table and supplies. ;-(

We'll keep you posted on the ongoing travels of our dossier across Europe.  ;-)


  1. So sorry to hear that your fundraiser didn't make much. Such a nice table and all, you must have spent quite some time preparing it- and still people passed it by... Hmpf! *annoyed* ;-)

    On a nicer note- we keep praying for your dossier to reach EE faster than Lightning McQueen. And congratulations on your son's confirmation- a proud day for parents!

  2. First time viewer of your site! I LOVE little Jenny so I am so happy to follow along...

    I am also a fellow Catholic. Loved the pictures and congratulations. How old is your son? I was confirmed in 5th grade in PA. Live in MN...we range from 7th to 9th grade here...all is well. The key: they are confirmed! My little Ricky (who has DS) was confirmed at 11 months before his open-heart...had to go to the Cathecism to check into that one. Was the right thing to do and quite sweet.

    Blessings and eager to follow!

    (newly adopted Stas from EE)